Newsletter Frustration

The new newsletter module allows unregistered users to join the newsletter list and allows registered users to be a part of the newsletter also. Plus the newsletter are archived, there is an unsubscribe feature in the emails that are produced, and additional text is can be added to different parts of the module where useful.

DotNetNuke 4.5.3 is much better than 4.5.2

I have been checking our Google placement and it already looks very good. With the addition of article syndication, our Google page ranking should impove even more. The article module is a little buggy, if there is something that still needs work. This was a free module from someone that has been too busy to make fixes or updates. I am planning on fixing the module myself as soon as I get a chance.

Still working out some bugs.

There have been some performance issues that were helped by the installation on PageBlaster Free but then this led to some caching issues which haven’t had too big of an impact. Basically, content doesn’t always appear updated when updated. You can clear your local cache and see the new content. Once I cleared the cache and reloaded the page while pressing the Ctrl key. Page Blaster reports that this will also clear the server cache. But the page loaded old content shortly thereafter.

So there are issues like these. But overall, there are some great new features and DNN provides for additional features to be added on a regular basis, which we are very excited about.