Brody Lennon Commits to Ohio State: A Buckeye Tale

Gates Mills, Ohio — Buckeye Nation, rejoice! Three-star tight end Brody Lennon just joined the Ohio State team! The 6-foot-4, 220-pounder from Gilmore Academy chose the Buckeyes over Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin after a June 21st visit to Columbus.


A Dream Realized

This isn’t just about football for Brody. This is a dream come true! Growing up in Ohio, he’s been a die-hard Buckeyes fan forever. His dad, who went to Ohio State too, totally passed on that love for the team. So, when Coach Bailey offered him a spot, it felt like it was meant to be. “It felt amazing,” Lennon shared. “I always grew up an OSU fan, and my dad went there. Coach Bailey believed in me, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear the Block O”.

Tight End Renaissance

Ohio State hasn’t seen a pair of tight ends like this since 2016. Thanks to Lennon’s commitment, they now have two promising talents at the position. He joins four-star Oklahoma prospect Nate Roberts, and together, they aim to redefine the role of tight ends in the Buckeyes’ offense. Roberts and Lennon bonded during their official visit to Columbus, and their camaraderie could spell trouble for opposing defenses.

The Impact

Lennon’s commitment brings Ohio State’s 2025 class to 20 members. Alongside other blue-chip recruits like quarterback Tavien St. Clair and running back Bo Jackson, Lennon hopes to make an immediate impact. The Buckeyes are building something special, and Brody Lennon is a crucial piece of that puzzle.

So, Buckeye faithful, get ready. Brody Lennon comes home, bringing his enthusiasm, work ethic and love of the game. Columbus is waiting, and the future looks bright.

BREAKING: Tight End Brody Lennon Commits To Ohio State

Mariyon Dye: From Indiana to Buckeye Territory

Stuck smack dab in the middle of America, where corn grows taller than skyscrapers, lives Mariyon Dye. This dude dreams of rocking the scarlet and gray (you know, Ohio State colors) more than anything. Football is basically his life, and let me tell you, he’s ridiculously good at it. College coaches everywhere are taking notice!

Mariyon Dye

The Final Eight

Mariyon recently unveiled his final eight schools, and Ohio State made the cut. Alongside powerhouse programs like Georgia, Tennessee, and Penn State, the Buckeyes stand tall. Dye, a 4-star Indiana defensive end, knows that choosing a college isn’t just about football—it’s about finding a home. His official visit to Columbus is scheduled for June 14, and anticipation hangs in the air like a Hail Mary pass.

The Buckeye Connection

Why Ohio State? Mariyon’s answer is simple: tradition. It’s about family. Mariyon’s uncle, a proud Buckeye alum, regales him with tales of epic clashes against Michigan and late-night celebrations at the Varsity Club. Those memories linger, like the scent of fresh-cut grass on game day.

A Personal Story

Picture this: A crisp autumn afternoon, leaves crunching underfoot. Mariyon stands on the sidelines during an Ohio State game, his heart racing. The crowd chants, “O-H!” He responds, “I-O!” Goosebumps prickle his skin. His uncle, grinning ear to ear, claps him on the shoulder. “One day, nephew,” he says, “this could be you.”

The Edge Rusher

Dye’s game? Explosive. He bursts off the line like a cannonball, eyes locked on the quarterback. His 6-foot-5 frame weaves through blockers, hungry for sacks. Coaches envision him terrorizing Big Ten offenses, a scarlet blur in pursuit. And when the Buckeye faithful rise to their feet, chanting his name, Mariyon knows he’s found his tribe.


As the sun sets over the Horseshoe, Mariyon Dye reflects. The decision looms, but his heart leans toward Ohio State. It’s more than a school; it’s a legacy waiting to embrace him. So, on that warm June day, he’ll step onto campus, scarlet jersey in hand, and breathe in the promise of Saturdays in Columbus.

Trey McNutt: A Buckeye Legacy in the Making

Exploring Ohio State Football with Trey McNutt

April 7, 2023, was a day that Trey McNutt won’t soon forget. The four-star 2025 Shaker Heights product stepped onto Ohio State’s campus as a recruit, eager to explore what the Buckeyes had to offer. He did not know the visit would mark a pivotal moment in his college football journey.


The Visit

“The visit was amazing,” McNutt shared with Eleven Warriors. “It was my first time being on campus. The coaches were really good, and I liked how the practice was run. It was intense, with fierce competition throughout.” At the end of his visit, Head Coach Ryan Day extended an offer to McNutt in his office. The young safety had seen his recruitment take off, picking up 18 Division I offers, so Day decided it was time to express formal interest.

Family Ties

McNutt’s connection to Ohio State runs deep. His father, Richard McNutt, played cornerback for OSU, and his uncle, safety Mike Doss, is also a former Buckeye. “It was really sweet,” Trey said, reflecting on the offer from the same school his father once played at. “Walking around, I got to see pictures on the wall with him and Mike Doss. That was pretty special.”

The Surprise Offer

“It was surprising actually,” McNutt recalled. “We were sitting in the office talking, and I didn’t think he’d offer me yet. It was exciting for both my mom and me. He said we’re not going to sit here and let all these other schools recruit you. After that, he extended me the offer.”

On the Field

In his sophomore season at Shaker Heights, McNutt showcased his versatility. He rotated between safety and cornerback, racking up 40 tackles (2 for loss), eight pass breakups, and one interception. On offensive, he contributed as a receiver, gaining 577 yards from scrimmage with eight total touchdowns. Ohio State sees him as a defensive back, either at safety or cornerback.

Recruitment Journey

McNutt has been in touch with cornerbacks coach Tim Walton. His ties to the Buckeyes remain strong, and he’s visited Columbus frequently. An official visit to OSU is on the horizon this summer, and he’s looking forward to the opportunity.


Trey McNutt’s journey with Ohio State football is just beginning. As a legacy, he carries the lantern given to him by his father and uncle. Buckeye fans are eagerly awaiting his next move, hoping to see him don the scarlet and grey on Saturday. Remember, the McNutt case is still ongoing, and we’ll be watching its progress. Stay tuned for more updates on this promising young talent!

Tarvos Alford: From Vero Beach to Buckeye Dreams

In sun-kissed Vero Beach, Florida, where palm trees sway and ocean breezes whisper mystery, a young linebacker named Tarvos Alford makes waves and his journey from the Atlantic coast of sand on to Ohio State University’s hallowed grid is no surprise at all.

Tarvos Alford

The Vero Beach Connection

Tarvos, affectionately known as “TJ” by friends and family, grew up chasing seagulls along the shoreline. But it wasn’t long before he traded sandy beaches for the thrill of Friday night lights. As a standout at Vero Beach High School, TJ carved his name into the annals of Florida football history.

The Tackle Machine

Picture this: A 6-foot-2, 210-pound force of nature rolling across the field. T.J. His 114 tackles, 12 tackles for loss and 4 sacks during the 2023 season earned him the prestigious title of TC Palm Defensive Player of the Year. Vero Beach stayed steady through the regional semifinals of the Florida 4S playoffs.

The Decision

But TJ’s journey didn’t end there. The college football world held its breath as he narrowed down his choices. Miami, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State, UCF, and—of course—Ohio State made the cut. And on March 30, TJ will reveal his decision, a fitting tribute to his late grandfather’s birthday.

The Buckeye Buzz

Why Ohio State? The buzz is real. TJ’s visits to Coral Gables left an impression, but the Buckeyes have captured his imagination. Ohio State’s legendary linebacker James Laurinaitis will host T.J. The distracting horseshoe, the roar of the crowd, and the chance to be drafted alongside the great Buckeyes—it’s a siren song he can’t ignore.

The Future

As the clock ticks toward TJ’s commitment date, Ohio State fans hold their breath. Crystal balls align, predicting a 94.2% chance that he’ll don the scarlet and gray. The No. 63 overall prospect and 8th-ranked linebacker in the nation could soon call Columbus home. Buckeye Nation awaits with bated breath, ready to embrace Tarvos Alford as one of their own.

And so, from the sandy shores of Vero Beach to the storied traditions of Ohio State, Tarvos Alford’s journey continues. Keep an eye on the Buckeyes—they might just have a new star in the making.

Buckeye Up, Chip Ahoy! Kelly Takes Over Offense in Shocking Turn of Events

Hold onto your scarlet and gray, Buckeye Nation, because the news just hit like a J.T. Barrett option run: Chip Kelly is our new offensive coordinator! Forget Bill O’Brien’s brief stint in Columbus, this is the ultimate plot twist no one saw coming.


That’s right, folks, the innovative, fast-paced mind that led Oregon to a national title game and Philadelphia to unexpected heights is now calling plays in the Horseshoe. Kelly traded in the sunshine of Westwood for the roar of the Shoe, leaving UCLA after six seasons to take over the Buckeye offense.

Now, let’s be honest, this move raises eyebrows as high as a Brutus Buckeye statue. Kelly, a head coach for years, is taking a “step back” to become an assistant? And in the same conference as his former team?

But here’s the thing, Buckeye Nation: never underestimate Chip Kelly’s ambition. This guy wasn’t just itching to escape UCLA (though, let’s face it, that program ain’t exactly sunshine and rainbows these days). He saw an opportunity to dominate in a program with championship aspirations and a quarterback like Will Howard who could thrive in his system.

Remember the shredding spread offense that turned Marcus Mariota into a Heisman winner? Imagine that firepower unleashed with Howard slinging lasers and TreVeyon Henderson taking screens to the house. The Big Ten might need to invest in some wider fields, because Kelly’s offense ain’t slowing down anytime soon.

Sure, there are questions. Will Kelly mesh with Ryan Day’s vision? Can he adapt his system to college athletes after years in the pros? But one thing’s for sure: this is a gamble that could pay off BIG for the Buckeyes.

So buckle up, Buckeye Nation, because the Chip Kelly era in Columbus is about to begin. Get ready for some wild plays, unexpected wrinkles, and maybe even a sprinkle of that signature Kelly swagger. Just remember, one thing’s certain: things are about to get a whole lot more exciting in Columbus.

What hiring Chip Kelly as offensive coordinator means for Buckeyes | Ohio State football

No Hurrying Huskers: Top Buckeye TE Target Nate Roberts in “Wait-and-See” Mode

Hold your Sooners, Norman. Four-star tight end phenom Nate Roberts, the apple of everyone’s eye in the 2025 cycle, ain’t budging anytime soon. Sure, that crimson and cream might look mighty fine under the Friday night lights, but this Oklahoma native’s playing his cards close to the vest.


After a brief fling with Notre Dame over the summer, Roberts pulled the plug on the Fighting Irish and started hanging out with some familiar faces – Sooner commits Kevin Sperry and Elijah Thomas. Seems like these three amigos are already building something special, and the Buckeyes are taking notice.

Coach Day and his crew have got Roberts at the top of their tight end wish list, and for good reason.

Background on Nate Roberts

This four-star prospect from Oklahoma is not only making waves on the football field but also excelling in baseball.

Speaking of winning, Roberts torched defenses for 33 catches, 705 yards, and 11 touchdowns as a sophomore. That’s a stat line that would make Brutus Buckeye himself do a jig. And get this, the kid played snaps on both sides of the ball: tight end, defensive end, even quarterback! Versatility? Check.

Recruiting Time Line

And the best part? He’s in no rush. Roberts says he’s taking his time, weighing his options, and soaking it all in. That’s smart, kid. This is a big decision, and he wants to get it right.

So, Buckeye Nation, hold onto your scarlet and gray pom-poms. The Nate Roberts sweepstakes are still wide open, and there’s plenty of game left to play. But remember, when it comes to this Oklahoma-turned-Ohio hopeful, patience is key. And if we play our cards right, Columbus might just end up being the Land of Roberts after all.

**Buckeye Bites:**

* Roberts says he’s impressed by OSU’s tight end development under Coach Alford.
* He recently visited Penn State, Ohio State, and Oklahoma, with the Buckeyes making a strong impression.
* Watch out for another potential visit to Columbus during the spring evaluation period.

Stay tuned, Buckeye fans, this recruiting saga is just getting started!

#GoBucks #TightEndU #TheWaitIsOn

Luke Montgomery Buckeye Offensive lineman for 2023


Luke Montgomery, 6’5″ 270 lbs., out of Findlay Ohio High School recently committed to the Ohio State football team for 2023. Some teams thought he could also play defensive line but was rated on the offensive line and is coming to Columbus to play that position. He said shortly after a school event that he wants to compete and win a spot with OSU.

Montgomery selected Ohio State because of the culture, coaches and teammates which were important to him. He committed to the Buckeyes at his school on the CBS HQ show. Ohio State moved from 12th in the country to 7th in the country with the commitment. So the class is well on its way to be a top 5 rated class as they seem to always finish. OSU offensive coach Kevin Wilson coached Montgomery’s father when he attended Miami (Ohio), so there was more than one connection for the young prospect.

Who Recruited Montgomery

Kevin Wilson and Justin Frye for Ohio State. Bill O’Brien for Alabama. Sherrone Moore for Michigan. Mike Elston and Marcus Freeman for Notre Dame. And Robbie Caldwell for Clemson.

Montgomery had over 30 Offers including Michigan, Ohio State, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Alabama as his favorites.

Montgomery Visits

Ryan Day, line coach Justin Frye and Corey Dennis from Ohio State visited Montgomery during a basketball game in Findlay on January 14th. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson visited Findlay for a basketball practice shortly after. Montgomery visited Ohio State with his parents at the end of January. His parents thought he was ready to commit to the Buckeyes during the visit but he waited a little longer to consider other programs.

Other visits included Alabama on June 14th, 2021, USC on April 23rd of 2021, Clemson on June 15th, 2021, Georgia on June 12th, 2021, Georgia Tech on June 13th, 2021, Michigan on June 10th, 2021, Michigan State on June 26th, 2021, Penn State on July 25th, 2021, And Oklahoma on June 19th, 2021. After each visit he came back and still had Ohio State as the top program on his board.


Montgomery is considered a 4 Star, 49th overall, 4th best offensive tackle, and the best prospect in Ohio.

Crystal Ball Predictions

Bill Kurelic, Steve Wiltfong, Sean Fitz, Justin Thind, JC Shurburtt, and Hale McGranahan all thought Ohio State. Joseph Hastings, Carson MacRae, Eric Lammers, Richard Schnyderite, Dylan Callaghan-Croley also all had Ohio State as his destination.

Scouting Report

Started as a tight end and defensive end but has grown into the tackle positions. Has the ability to pull and make plays out in space. Has experience at a number of spots on both sides of the line. Has a high school freshman brother, Ryan, that has also been offered a scholarship by Ohio State.

He joins Joshua Padilla from Ohio as lineman in Ohio State’s 2023 class.

Luke Montgomery: Ohio State 2023 priority commits to the Buckeyes, ready to lead class

Jacolbe Cowan as the next great Buckeye Pass Rusher


Ohio State football already had one of the top 2020 recruiting classes in the country, and just a couple weeks ago they added to it by recruiting Jacolbe Cowan, a 4-star defensive end. You might say the rich got richer. Cowan was a highly sought after senior, and his commitment makes him one of now 23 recruits for Ohio State’s 2020 season.

Jacolbe Cowan is in his senior year at Providence Day School in Charlotte, NC. Cowan stands at 6’5”, weighing 262 pounds. He’s ranked by 247Sports as the No. 163 overall prospect and No. 15 defensive tackle in the country, and the No. 7 overall prospect in the state of North Carolina. He’s been a quarterback’s nightmare, racking up 10 sacks last year as a junior, and quickly recording three this year in his first four games.

He will be joining Cincinnati Princeton defensive tackle Darrion Henry and defensive end Ty Hamilton from Pickerington Central. This trio will give Ohio State substantial depth up front.

Jacolbe Cowan chose to make his announcement on the corner of his high school’s football field following Providence Day’s loss to Arden Christ School. He even had a video presentation prepared to go with his announcement. Cowan was recruited by Kevin Wilson, the recruiter for his area, and defensive line coach Larry Johnson. He will play the position of defensive end.

RCS CLT: Jacolbe Cowan interview

What offers did Cowan have to consider other than Ohio State?

Uh, a lot. Cowan had an impressive list of over 30 offers from top schools. Among them were Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Penn State, and Tennessee. In addition to visiting the schools in his home state (North Carolina), Cowan visited other schools including Tennessee and South Carolina. He took his visit to Ohio State on their June 15 recruiting weekend.

Why Ohio State?

Unsurprisingly, Cowan is clearly excited to be part of Buckeye football. Specifically, his respect for the coaching staff apparently played a significant role in his decision. According to Bucknuts he said: “It was an amazing experience. I had high expectations going into the visit and Ohio State exceeded them. Coach Day has a passion for his players. And coach J, I already had a great relationship with him. Coach J is well respected by his former players and all over the world.” Cowan is also interested in sports management as a career, and cited Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business as one of the things that drew him to Ohio State.

What does Cowan bring to Ohio State?

Cowan’s large frame and athleticism make him a menace as a defensive lineman. He’s also known for his unique personality and strong character. He’s a confident and steady player. Perhaps Cowan’s strongest attribute on the field is his versatility. He can handle playing on the interior as a defensive tackle and also on the outside as a beast of a defensive end.

Cowan is a great addition to Ohio State’s 2020 class. Next year is looking good!

Musa Jallow Declares For The 2017 Buckeye Basketball Team


Musa Jallow signs for Ohio State basketball, and agrees to a 2017 reclassification

The team for Ohio State basketball next season previously consisted of eight scholarship players. For this reason, Chris Holtmann the coach was on the hunt for some fresh talent.

On Friday, he found just what he was looking for.

Musa Jallow, the Indiana based four star wing, stated on Twitter that he had committed to Ohio State on Friday evening. This former prospect for 2018 will start a year earlier than originally intended, and play for the Buckeyes next season.

The 200 pound, six foot five inch small forward opted for the Buckeyes, instead of Vanderbilt, Indiana, Stanford and Virginia. At Butler, he was a top priority target for Holtmann. He has a 120 overall player rating in 2017 composite ratings.

On average, Jallow scored 9.5 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 24.1 points per match for Bloomington North in 2016.

Ohio State will gain a versatile, athletic wing who can defend four positions. Also, he could offer some guard depth. The Buckeyes need to improve this, because Kam Williams and C.J. Jackson are their only guards at the moment. Williams claims he has been developing his point guard technique recently, in case he is required there. Jallow might be a possibility too.

Jallow is the third player to join Ohio State in 2017. Kyle Young and Kaleb Wesson are the other two.


Andre Wesson Becomes A Buckeye


Ohio State signs Andre Wesson; Andre Wesson has officially signed his letter-of-intent to become an Ohio State Buckeye, choosing them over Richmond and Butler.

Talent runs in the family of the 6-7 Wesson with his brother being the 6-10, 290 lbs., Kaleb Wesson. In fact the brothers’ father is Keith Wesson – a former Buckeye himself in the mid-1980s.

Andre’s prospects were boosted by a stellar senior year as part of the Westerville South team that won the Division 1 State championship with a 26-4 season. He was honored with being voted player of the year in the Ohio Capital Conference after a game average of 17.5 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.0 assists.

In reference to making his final decision, Wesson stated that he felt a good fit and trust with the coaching staff and players of his new team. As a guy with the will to win, no matter what it takes, potential playing time was also crucial.

After discussing his options with his parents, he finally decided on Ohio State and informed the ecstatic Matta.

Andre’s decision was surely inspired by his attending several OSU games where he encountered the awesome atmosphere and developed a love for the style of coaching employed.

As the last and 14th South athlete to sign college forms, Andre is now feeling almost as good as he did when he won the state championship!

Andre Wesson Commits to Ohio State!! | Official Junior Season Mixtape