Mariyon Dye: From Indiana to Buckeye Territory

Stuck smack dab in the middle of America, where corn grows taller than skyscrapers, lives Mariyon Dye. This dude dreams of rocking the scarlet and gray (you know, Ohio State colors) more than anything. Football is basically his life, and let me tell you, he’s ridiculously good at it. College coaches everywhere are taking notice!

Mariyon Dye

The Final Eight

Mariyon recently unveiled his final eight schools, and Ohio State made the cut. Alongside powerhouse programs like Georgia, Tennessee, and Penn State, the Buckeyes stand tall. Dye, a 4-star Indiana defensive end, knows that choosing a college isn’t just about football—it’s about finding a home. His official visit to Columbus is scheduled for June 14, and anticipation hangs in the air like a Hail Mary pass.

The Buckeye Connection

Why Ohio State? Mariyon’s answer is simple: tradition. It’s about family. Mariyon’s uncle, a proud Buckeye alum, regales him with tales of epic clashes against Michigan and late-night celebrations at the Varsity Club. Those memories linger, like the scent of fresh-cut grass on game day.

A Personal Story

Picture this: A crisp autumn afternoon, leaves crunching underfoot. Mariyon stands on the sidelines during an Ohio State game, his heart racing. The crowd chants, “O-H!” He responds, “I-O!” Goosebumps prickle his skin. His uncle, grinning ear to ear, claps him on the shoulder. “One day, nephew,” he says, “this could be you.”

The Edge Rusher

Dye’s game? Explosive. He bursts off the line like a cannonball, eyes locked on the quarterback. His 6-foot-5 frame weaves through blockers, hungry for sacks. Coaches envision him terrorizing Big Ten offenses, a scarlet blur in pursuit. And when the Buckeye faithful rise to their feet, chanting his name, Mariyon knows he’s found his tribe.


As the sun sets over the Horseshoe, Mariyon Dye reflects. The decision looms, but his heart leans toward Ohio State. It’s more than a school; it’s a legacy waiting to embrace him. So, on that warm June day, he’ll step onto campus, scarlet jersey in hand, and breathe in the promise of Saturdays in Columbus.

O‭hio State Football vs Indiana Preview September 2nd 2023

In the heart of Buckeye Nation, the anticipation has reached its zenith as the Ohio State football faithful count down the moments until the Saturday clash against Indiana (3:30pm on CBS). The scarlet and gray fervor is palpable, a rhythmic drumbeat of excitement echoing through the state.

Amidst the hype and fervor, Coach Ryan Day’s proclamation has solidified: Kyle McCord will lead the charge as Ohio State’s quarterback in the season opener against Indiana. The Buckeyes’ pivot position has been a matter of speculation and conjecture, and now, the veil has been lifted. Indiana’s scouting game plan, meticulously crafted, harkens back to the days of high school film sessions, dissecting the strengths and vulnerabilities of OSU’s quarterbacks. Every move, every throw, every nuance – meticulously analyzed.


For Indiana’s new signal-caller, bravery shall be the watchword. The unforgiving arena of Ohio State football requires a quarterback who dares to take risks, who steps into the center of the storm without fear of mistakes. The gridiron awaits, and a baptism by fire against the Buckeyes is the true test of mettle.

However, amidst the on-field battles, there’s a subplot that’s captivating not only the Buckeye faithful but the entire college football fraternity. Brian Hartline’s ascension to the role of coordinator has set the domain abuzz. With Kevin Wilson’s departure to lead the charge at Tulsa, Hartline stepped into a role that commands respect. A staggering $1.6 million salary reflects the faith the institution places in his ability to navigate and commandeer a record-setting offense – one he played a pivotal role in sculpting.

When the lights illuminate the field on Saturday, the snap of the ball will hold its own intrigue. Carson Hinzman, a name resonating with anticipation, will take position at center. This decision, sidelining Louisiana-Monroe transfer Vic Cutler, underscores the meticulous choices that shape a team primed for victory.

History casts a long shadow, and the Buckeyes have woven a tapestry of triumph against the Hoosiers. A 27-game win streak, a feat unmatched in conference history by a remarkable 16 games, speaks to the dominion Ohio State has held over Indiana. As we delve into the annals of conference rivalries, only three such streaks have reached the double-digit mark: Indiana (27), Minnesota (11), and Northwestern (10).

Yet, in the grand tapestry of college football, odds sway like pendulums, revealing intriguing truths. Ohio State’s ambitions to seize the national championship are accompanied by slightly longer odds than those befalling the Michigan Wolverines. This revelation, against all conventional wisdom, adds a twist to the narrative. With Michigan’s recent successes in the Big Ten, one might assume their odds would be more favorable. The gridiron, like life, offers its own set of enigmatic turns.

As the sun sets on the eve of the long-awaited clash, Ohio State stands poised, history at their backs, future before their eyes. The story of triumph, strategy, and fervor will soon be written upon the hallowed turf of the gridiron, etching a new chapter in the storied saga of Buckeye football.

Ohio State Vs Indiana Football 2022

Ohio State Vs Indiana Football 2022

We didn’t expect Ohio State vs Indiana Football to line up as a pivotal game, but after last week’s unexpectedly close call against Northwestern, we’re all left wondering, will No. 2 Ohio State recover their form against a 3 – 6 Indiana


Kickoff is Saturday, November 12 at noon EST.


Game airs on the Fox Network in their Big Noon Kickoff Game. Expect the 2nd ranked Buckeyes back in this timeslot November 26 when they play 3rd ranked Michigan.

Tickets for the Ohio State vs Indiana Football Game Are Available. To watch Ohio State Buckeyes Football vs Indiana University Football live in Ohio Stadium, visit Ticketmaster and other ticket providers.


With three weeks left in the regular season and trailing only No. 1 ranked Georgia, Ohio State’s Coach Ryan Day is under pressure to explain the Buckeye’s weak rushing attack. In this week’s press conference, Day attempted just that. “Reviewing tape, we all need to do better. We’ve got to block better, we’ve got to run better. We know we can do a better job.”

Playing conditions were a factor for Ohio State last week against Northwestern. Wind gusts as a high as 80 MPH interfered with passing opportunities.

Last year Ohio State won 54 – 7 keeping their 26 game win streak against the Hoosiers alive, so they’re heavily favored in this weekend’s matchup. This is an opportunity for the Buckeye’s to address weaknesses as a battle against the third ranked Wolverines looms large.

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Look for C. J. Stroud to bounce back strong after last week’s dismal performance. Indiana’s porous defense should allow Stroud to re-solidify his case for the Heisman.


The Hoosiers season has been a disappointment thus far with a record of 3-6 and only one Big Ten win. Jack Tuttle suffered a shoulder injury last week against Penn State and has been ruled out for the remainder of the season, which will put Connor Bazelak back into the driver seat. Coach Tom Allen says he was “encouraged” by Dexter Williams’ performance and expects Williams to remain a part of the passing equation as well, behind Bazelak. With the team taking 29 sacks already this season and Bazelak fresh off an injury, William might do well to keep his arm warm.

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No Five Ohio State Buckeyes at Indiana Hoosiers


Ohio State (5-1) goes to Bloomington Indiana to face the 2-4 Hoosiers Saturday night at 7:30pm in Memorial Stadium (ABC).
This is a Big Ten East divisional battle where a struggling Hoosier team will try to spread out Ohio State. Indiana played more games in 2020 and should have been in the conference title game but Ohio State was given the honor after only 5 games, something that should still upset the Hoosiers.

Ohio State 2021 Season

Ohio State fell to Oregon to start the 2021 season but has now won four in a row. QB CJ Stroud returned after the Akron game to lead the Buckeyes in a strong fashion, out scoring teams 218-57 over four games. Ohio State now has the most yards per game in the country and their defense has become stable since the shaky beginning.

TreVeyon Henderson has everyone excited about the young running backs at Ohio State. With 9 touchdowns and 612 yards, Henderson has also been a part of the passing game with 154 yards and a couple more touchdowns. His explosive play often turns games around when Ohio State is looking to switch the momentum. Look for Henderson to do well against the Hoosiers on Saturday.

Disappointing Indiana Season

Indiana is coming off a Michigan State lose, 20-15. The team went 6-2 in 2020 but has returned to being an unimpressive football program in 2021. The team returned quarterback Michael Penix Jr and many of their defensive stars. Penix Jr has been injured while backup Jack Tuttle has lead the team to three conference loses against Iowa, Penn State and Michigan State.

Ohio State is given 19.5 points in betting odds. They hope to not look past Indiana to a big match next weekend with Penn State. They know how Indiana has given them fits in the past and are looking to play four solid quarters of football on the road at night Saturday.

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No 3 Ohio State v No 9 Indiana 2020


Who thought at the start of the Big Ten season that Indiana at Ohio State would be one of the biggest games of the season, probably nobody. But here we are with Ohio State coming into their fourth game against an Indiana team that is 4-0 and ranked nationally. The game is scheduled for Noon on Saturday November 21st with limited attendance but fans can watch on the Fox network.

Ohio State Offense

Justin Fields has had a great start as many thought he would, going 72 for 83 (86.7%) passes leading to 908 yards with no interceptions and 11 touchdowns. He has also ran for 2 touchdowns. Helping fields is a great group of receivers including Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson. They have 632 yards and 6 touchdowns combined. At tight-end Jeremy Ruckert has 3 touchdowns already on 9 catches for 60 yards.

Master Teague III has also been solid this season rushing for 211 yards and 4 touchdowns. When the Buckeyes need to punch it in, Teague and the line have been able to do so. The Buckeye’s do not have a back as talented as JK Dobbins this year but the combo of Teague and Trey Sermon have been able to get what the team needs.

Ohio State Defense

Defensively, Ohio State needs to improve in coverage and in the pass rush. Without Chase Young they have looked to Jonathan Cooper and Zach Harrison on the end, both who have been slowing starting to show that they can dominate a game. Quarterback Michael Penix Jr will have to have a great game for Indiana to keep it close. Ohio State is favored by 20.5 points, and that could be about right with Indiana scoring three times.

Indiana 2020

Indiana has beat Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State and Rutgers. Leading the way is the left-handed Penix with 9 touchdowns and 1070 yards passing. When his offensive line gives him time, he can be deadly. Ty Fryfogle is his main target with 4 touchdowns and 424 yards receiving. But what will really get a team down is the Hoosier’s ability to get turnovers. They have a +8 turnover margin with 10 interceptions through the 4 games. And against Michigan State, their defensive line was able to stuff everything that came their way. They can get to the quarterback also, leading the conference in sacks.

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