Jake Cook: A Personal Journey to the Big Stage

Buckeye fans, listen up! You might not know Jake Cook yet, but this Westerville North star is making a name for himself. He’s been putting in the hard yards, hitting up all the Ohio State camps, basically doing everything he can to play for the Buckeyes in that awesome scarlet and gray uniform.


The Audition

This summer, Jake got his shot and headed to the Ohio State football facilities. He totally impressed the coaches twice, showing off his moves, his strength, and how much he wanted it. But even though he crushed those workouts, that dream offer from the Buckeyes is still out there waiting. Jake’s heart, however, remained unwaveringly set on the Buckeyes.

The Call That Changed His College Plans

Then came that life-changing call. Justin Frye, the offensive line coach, reached out to Jake. The Buckeyes had evaluated his film, dissected his performance, and were ready to extend an offer. Jake’s dream was finally within reach. His emotions swirled—a mix of relief, pride, and sheer excitement. The seven-year-old boy who once dreamed of playing for Ohio State was now on the brink of realizing that dream.

Proving His Worth

Jake’s journey wasn’t without challenges. After a demanding sophomore season, he lost 40 lbs., honed his skills and proved a force on the field. Coach Day acknowledged Jake’s transformation, admitting that he had “shocked the hell out of them.” The offensive line board was reevaluated, and Jake’s name was etched prominently.

The Private Workout

Coach Frye invited Jake back for a private workout. Center reps awaited him, and Jake seized the opportunity. Under Frye’s watchful eye, he absorbed every lesson, every nuance of the position. The disappointment of not receiving an immediate offer faded as Jake focused on growth. He knew he belonged here, among the Buckeyes, and he was determined to prove it.


It’s official visit time for Jake Cook! This Westerville North kids got his whole town behind him, chasing his dream of playing ball for the Buckeyes. He’s got to be pumped, finally getting a chance to see what it’s all about in that scarlet and gray. This visit could be a game-changer for him!

Even if Jake Cook doesn’t end up running onto the field at Ohio Stadium, his story is totally inspiring. He’s shown grit, passion, and tons of dedication. No matter what, he’s proving that you got to go for your dreams, even if the road ahead is a bit foggy.

Isaiah West’s Passion for Ohio State: A Journey of Dedication and Enthusiasm

Isaiah West, a running back prospect, has recently decommitted from Kentucky and is now trending toward Ohio State. Here are the key details:


Interest in Ohio State: Isaiah West was visited by Ohio State’s running backs coach, Carlos Locklyn, earlier this month. Despite being committed to Kentucky, West expressed strong interest in playing for the Buckeyes. His decommitment from Kentucky opened the door for Ohio State.

Recruitment Status: Since reopening his recruitment, West has seen two 247Sports Crystal Ball predictions favoring Ohio State. While his overall ranking is not as high according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings, Ohio State’s internal ranking puts it much higher. The Buckeyes could sign at least two running backs in the 2025 class, and West could be one of them, as they currently don’t have a committed back for that class

Upcoming Visit: West and his parents are planning an unofficial visit to Ohio State this weekend. While he hasn’t publicly announced an offer from the Buckeyes yet, a scholarship opportunity could arise during his visit.

It seems that Isaiah West’s interest has shifted toward Ohio State, making him a potential addition to the Buckeyes’ football program. ⚪

The Commitment To Kentucky

West made his commitment public on social media to Kentucky earlier, expressing his interest in joining the Wildcats. “I’m excited to get the job,” he said at the time. I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds.” His close relationship with Kentucky running backs coach Jay Boulware influenced his decision. West believed Boulware’s experience coaching players like Joe Mixon (Oklahoma) and Najee Harris (Pittsburgh Steelers) would elevate his game at Kentucky.

Why Kentucky?

During his visit to Kentucky for Junior Day, West spent extensive time with Coach Boulware and the rest of the staff. He was impressed by what the program had to offer both on the field and off. West plans to major in sports medicine in college and had the opportunity to meet with a former UK football player who now works in the medical field. This firsthand experience solidified his commitment to the Wildcats at the time.

Reuniting with a High School Teammate

West’s commitment to Kentucky also reunited him with high school teammate David Washington Jr., a wide receiver who is part of Kentucky’s 2024 recruiting class. The two played together at St. Joseph’s in Philadelphia and were excited to continue their football journey together in Lexington.

Evan Pryor’s Journey from Columbus to Cincinnati: A Buckeye’s Impact on Bearcat Territory

In the dynamic world of college football, the transfer portal has become a gateway for players seeking new opportunities and challenges. One such player making waves in the Buckeye State is Evan Pryor, an Ohio State running back who has committed to Cincinnati.


Evan Pryor’s Ohio State Beginnings:

Hailing from the vibrant city of Cornelius North Carolina, Evan Pryor’s football journey started in his hometown. As a Buckeye, Pryor showcased his skills on the field, contributing to the rich legacy of Ohio State sports. In 2023, Pryor had 19 rush attempts for 49 yards playing behind 4 other backs.

The Decision to Transfer:

Behind every decision to enter the transfer portal lies a unique story. In Pryor’s case, the move to Cincinnati was fueled by a desire for increased playing time and a chance to leave a mark on another program. This decision, while personal, echoes the broader trend of athletes seeking opportunities that align with their aspirations.

Impact on Ohio State:

The departure of a talented player like Evan Pryor naturally raises questions about the impact on the Buckeyes. As Ohio State recalibrates its roster and strategies, fans are left reflecting on the contributions Pryor made during his time in Columbus. This transition offers Dallan Hayden more time in addition to incoming freshman Jordan Lyle, James Peoples, and Sam Williams-Dixon.

Evan Pryor in Cincinnati:

For the Cincinnati Bearcats, the addition of Evan Pryor represents a significant boost to their offensive arsenal. Pryor’s skill set, honed in the competitive environment of the Big Ten, brings a fresh perspective and dynamic playmaking ability to Cincinnati’s backfield. How will Pryor’s arrival shape the Bearcats’ offensive identity, and what can fans expect from this transfer standout?

The Evolving Landscape of College Sports:

Evan Pryor’s journey from Ohio State to Cincinnati is emblematic of the shifting landscape in college sports. As athletes exercise their right to explore new opportunities, programs adapt to maintain competitiveness. The narrative extends beyond Pryor, illustrating the broader transformation occurring in collegiate athletics and the evolving relationship between players and institutions.


In the world of college football, the transfer portal has become a conduit for change, allowing players like Evan Pryor to redefine their paths. From the iconic fields of Ohio State to the burgeoning excitement of Cincinnati, Pryor’s journey encapsulates the spirit of growth, adaptation, and pursuit of excellence. As fans on both sides eagerly await the unfolding chapters of this story, one thing remains certain – Evan Pryor’s impact on Ohio State and Cincinnati is poised to be a tale worth telling.